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Guaranteed Metal Detector Meet or Beat Internet Policy

At Accurate Metal Detectors, I would like to start with by thanking you for viewing our Website. We have developed this policy to assist you as a buyer. With so many dealers not quite telling you the whole truth or grossly exaggerating free items we decided to set the record straight with out Meet or Beat Internet Policy. This way you can honestly compare and make the best decision as a buyer. When you buy a Fisher, Teknetics, XP Deus, Whites, Tesoro Detector you are buying the best of the best in metal detecting devices. We have been in business since 1993 and plan on being here a long time. I want you to feel safe and confident we will be friendly and honest with you. Don't be afraid to call us Toll Free 800-662-0810 Office 361-808-9606 for pricing you will get the same fantastic deal whether you buy online or call us at 800-662-0810. We don't punish our customers that wish to have a human voice to speak with. We want your business so please call us today and get a safe professional and honest response.

1. Be careful its basically impossible to give $500.00 worth of free items on a metal detector when the industry makes only $200.00 profit to start with. How some dealers have achieved this deception is by many different shenanigans. I will name a few to guide you in your decision.

A. Falsely claiming Items are free items that are all the package to start with.

B. Grossly claiming values such as a $0.99 pouch is valued at $29.00 and a $5.00 set of headphones is valued at $59.00. We feel this is a gross misrepresentation on values.

C. Another way which is charging you shipping for the Free Items you get. Some go as far as charging even though it is in the same box.

D. Some have a restocking fee up to 30% which is more than a dealer make to start with on a metal detector.

E. Another trick is including the standard Discount as a Free Items Value.

All this as clever as it is can appear so good in print that it must be a good deal but you need to decide and get to the bottom line.

Thse are just a few of the tricks and shananigans that we have seen.

Our Policy is Easier and Honest.

We want to be your last stop!

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My personal Promises as the CEO President of Accurate Metal Detectors.

Ron Coen

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